1 day Volume Lashes  course with a kit

€400 VIP Training (teacher-student)
€300 group training (2-5 students)

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Volume Course is ideal those wishing to learn to create beautiful fluffy lashes. Volume lashing uses thinner extensions to create fullness that classic eyelashes extensions can’t give to the client.
This course is very detailed to help students to give the best possible training in creating healthy, flawless lashes. Volume lashing has brought passion back into lash extension applications. It is an art that takes skill, mastery, design, and creativity, and mastering these techniques allows lash technicians to become exceptional lash artists.

The fully course complete with kit, support assessment and certification. This course will give a student international qualification
This is a internationally recognized qualification and fully insurable with any reputable company.
During this  course student will learn how to apply eyelashes extensions and complete practical work and assessment to achieve the safe application of semi-permanent false eyelashes.
It covers use of variety of consultation techniques to establish the clients potential for treatment and to agree feasible outcomes acceptable to the client. The ability to attach, maintain and remove volume lashes systems is required as is the ability to give suitable aftercare advice to client.

Volume lashes Course:

  • Health and Safety
  • contra-indications
  • Contra-actions
  • Eyelash grow cycles
  • Patch testing and client consultation
  • Lash Types
  • Bone structure
  • Eye shape and styling (Mapping)
  • Products and equipment
  • Fanning methods (learn how to make beautiful 2D-8D fans)
  • Application procedure theory
  • Practical application on a model
  • Removal of eyelashes extension
  • Refilling
  • Aftercare advance
  • Insurance
  • Marketing

Student Kit:

  • 1x student manual
  • 1x glue
  • 1x remover
  • 3x boxes of lashes
  • 5x eye gel pads
  • 1x tape
  • 2x tweezers
  • 5x mascara brushes
  • 5x micro brushes

Course time :9am-6pm
*Students are require to acquire 2 models
10am-2pm , 3pm-6pm

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