Pro Training Eyelash Extensions Mannequin Flat Head

12.20 ( 15.01 incl. VAT )


Pro Training Eyelash Extensions Mannequin Flat Head

12.20 ( 15.01 incl. VAT )


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Egoist Beauty Lash Training Dolls Head gives you an excellent opportunity to practice eyelash extensions

treatments, both at home and during a training course, before starting working with clients.

Multiple layers of eyelashes that perfectly imitate a client’s natural lashes

Creates a real-life environment, giving you the next best thing to real-world experience.

Perfect for practicing working with layers, testing out new lash maps, and getting to grips with isolations effectively

Amazing for any training academy to offer an extra practical part before working with real models

How to use:

Apply eyepatches as you would during a regular treatment (you can add a lash map)

Clean synthetic eyelashes by using an Egoist Beauty micro brush and Egoist Beauty Cleanser.

Start the application of your classic or volume set, focusing on isolation and clean attachment to your mannequin lashes.

To reuse the mannequin head, simply apply Egoist Beauty Lash Remover on the set and gently remove the


Clean the lashes carefully and the mannequin head is ready to be used time and again.

Or if you have the mannequin head with replacement eyelids version,

You still follow the steps of the first instruction given but the only difference is that

your lids are removable so you don’t have to use eyelash remover every time you want to re-do a set

as you can always buy replacement lids.

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