Lint Free Eyelash Glue Wipes

3.50 ( 4.31 incl. VAT )


Lint Free Eyelash Glue Wipes

3.50 ( 4.31 incl. VAT )


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Egoist Beauty glue remover wipes are a must-have eyelashes extensions accessory

to keep your Egoist Beauty glue nozzle free of adhesive buildup

A remover wipe that is dry and fiber-free

Easily wipe away any Egoist Beauty glue after each use to prevent a build-up of adhesive around the nozzle

By keeping your professional semi-permanent Egoist Beauty lash extension glue nozzle clean

you will be able to extend its shelf life as it will always be airtight

Glue remover wipes will not cause a reaction with your adhesive

Do not use any fiber tissue paper or wet wipes on the  glue nozzle which may cause an exothermic chemical reaction

You can also use the Egoist Beauty glue wipes with Egoist  Beauty Shampoo just place them under the client’s lashes

to absorb any excess liquid

200 cotton  & lint free wipes

No exothermic reaction to the glue

Keeps glue nozzle clean

Keeps glue fresher for longer

Easy to use


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