Holographic powder

1.50 ( 1.85 incl. VAT )


Holographic powder

1.50 ( 1.85 incl. VAT )


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Why do we love holographic powder? because it gives our manicure a beautiful, unique look.

How to use it:

-Get some holographic nail powder.

-Do your manicure, as usual, starting with a basecoat and finishing with your favorite color.

-Apply a layer of non-wipable gel topcoat, and wait until it gets rubbery, but not sticky.

-Gently tap on the powder, starting from the base of your nail, and working your way towards the top.

-Use a soft brush to dust off the excess powder. Gently sweep the brush across your nail, starting from the base and going past the tip in a single stroke. 

  • Be sure to sweep to either side of your nail to remove any powder that might be stuck to your skin.
  • The best brush for this would be a soft, fluffy eyeshadow brush.

-Apply one more layer of non-wipable top coat.

-Cure your manicure under a UV or LED light.

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1 review for Holographic powder

  1. Charlene Carr

    Beautiful shade