PolyGel Slip Solution 250 ml

10.00 ( 12.30 incl. VAT )


PolyGel Slip Solution 250 ml

10.00 ( 12.30 incl. VAT )


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Egoist Slip Solution – For a Professional Nail Finish

Create perfectly shaped nails with the salon-quality Egoist Slip Solution, designed for use with Egoist Beauty PolyGel. This revolutionary nail enhancement technique combines the best properties of acrylic and hard gel, providing a lighter and more flexible finish.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Shaping: The Slip Solution helps eliminate friction, making it easy to shape and spread PolyGel evenly on forms or nail tips. This ensures a smooth, even base for your nails.
  • Professional Quality: Achieve a salon-quality finish with ease, whether you’re a professional or a beginner.
  • Flexible and Light: Enjoy the benefits of a flexible and lightweight nail enhancement that looks and feels natural.

How to Use:

  1. Dip Brush: Dip the end of your brush into the Egoist Slip Solution.
  2. Spread PolyGel: Spread the PolyGel evenly on the form or nail tip to create a smooth base.
  3. Shape: Easily shape the PolyGel into your desired nail shape.


  • Beginner-Friendly: Easy to use, even for those new to nail extensions. Create stunning nail designs effortlessly.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for adding length and shaping natural nails.
  • Salon or Home: Suitable for professional salon use and at-home manicures, allowing you to achieve salon-like effects at home.

Ethical and Safe:

  • Vegan-Friendly: Egoist Beauty Slip Solution is vegan-friendly, ensuring no animal products are used.
  • Cruelty-Free: No animal testing, making it a cruelty-free choice for your nail care routine.

Elevate your nail care routine with the Egoist Slip Solution and enjoy beautiful, professionally shaped nails every time. Order now to experience the difference!


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