Welcome to Egoist Beauty, where exploration meets creation in the realm of beauty. Our journey began with the art of eyelash extensions. Still, our passion quickly took us to another land where eyelash accessories, nail products eyebrow lamination and eyelash lift solutions became an integral part of our portfolio.

Our primary goal at Egoist Beauty is to provide our customers with unrivaled quality, value, and convenience. We are committed to continuous development, innovation, and being a constant support system for our community.

Our collective efforts reach far and wide, including partnerships with respected beauty salons, versatile independent stylists, dedicated work-at-home professionals, and renowned beauty academies.

We can often be seen presenting our products at trade shows, where our presence demonstrates our commitment to staying up to date with emerging trends and pioneering innovations. Our accolades and judging roles in international competitions are testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

You can rest assured that our products meet and exceed industry standards, offering a harmonious blend of safety, quality, and ease of use. We take great pride in providing professionals with the tools they need to hone their craft, so they can confidently and easily bring their creative visions to life.

Moreover, our partnerships with educators underscore our commitment to empowering professionals through comprehensive training programs tailored to our product offerings. Together, we cultivate a culture of learning, development, and shared success.

At Egoist Beauty, our greatest joy comes from creating value and building meaningful client relationships. We’re grateful for the opportunity to go on this journey with you and look forward to continuing to innovate.

Egoist Beauty Awards

Hi Style “The Best Educator” – Winner 2019

Artistic Fur Awards in Glasgow – Lash Brand of the Year 2019

TOP 10 – The Best Educator Artistic Fur Award / Glasgow 2019

Network Cork and Enterprise Cork “Business Woman 2018” – finalist

Hi Style “The Best Lash Artist 2019” – finalist

Hi Style ‘Business Woman 2019″– finalist

Fur Artis / Glasgow – Lash Brand of the Year 2020 – finalist

Fur Artist / Glasgow – Lash Educator of the Year 2020

2020 The Irish NBL Awards – The Best Lash Educator- finalist

2020 Nominee by Hi Style:

  • Best Lash Artist
  • Best Lash Academy
  • Best Beauty Educator

2021 All-Stars Ireland Award

2022 Nominee by Hi Style:

  • Best Beauty Educator
  • Best Beauty Supplier
  • Best Lash Artist

2023 Nominee by Hi Style Tia Maria 2023:

  • Best Salon Supplies
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Eyelash Artist
  • Best Beauty Educator
  • Best Beauty Academy

2024 Nominee by Hi Style:

– The Best Beauty Salon

– The Best Eyelash Artist

– The Best Suppliers/ Distributor

The judge:

  • First Irish Online Competition 2020
  • Lash competition Championnat de Paris – online 2022
  • New York – Beauty Championship Lash/Nails- online 2022
  • Italy Lash Championship – online 2022
  • Artistic Fur Glasgow Lash Competition November 2022
  • Japan Lash Championship – online 2022
  • Europe Beauty Cup 2023
  • Pink Beauty Championship September 2023