About Us

Egoist Beauty Ltd is a multi-award-winning company that’s growing fast. We started with a simple mission — to provide the highest quality lashes, nails, and beauty products on the market, and to train the best lash and nail artists to deliver excellence to customers worldwide.

In 2017, our CEO, Jolanta Boruszek, launched Egoist Beauty. With a deep passion for beauty and international acclaim as a master lash and beauty technician, Jolanta set her sights on the retail sector. What she saw surprised her — nail and lash products didn’t meet the standards she prided herself on at affordable prices. As a result, Egoist Beauty was born.

We’re dedicated to providing premium products. That means we place all of our products under rigorous testing and review by our in-house team of trainers before going to market. All Egoist Beauty products are registered on CPNP and meet all EU Regulations.

Our ranges of eyelash materials are handmade, following strict quality control regulations, and our tweezers are high-grade Japanese steel, making your lash application techniques seamless and safe. We also supply a range of high-quality glues, suitable for all levels of experience.

Our product range doesn’t stop at lashes — we also offer over 170 colours of gel polish, including builder gels and PolyGels. We understand the importance of taking care of your nails, which is why we also have superior quality cuticle oils and hard bases, meaning your manicures will always look impeccable.

Every member of the Egoist team is passionate about beauty and committed to providing excellence to all customers. From humble beginnings in Cork, Ireland, Egoist Beauty is now a nationwide wholesale distribution network, with big plans to expand internationally very soon.

With Egoist Beauty, you are guaranteed the best results. You will never have to compromise on quality over cost, and that’s a promise.

Meet Jolanta Boruszek, our founder and CEO.

Jolanta’s perseverance and tenacity are keys to her success so far. She is committed to growing the Egoist Beauty brand and sharing her knowledge with trainers worldwide. More than anything else, Jolanta’s customer-centric ethos has been central to driving the company.

Jolanta Boruszek is an innovative expert and trainer in the beauty space. Having established the Egoist Beauty Academy, partnered with over 100 salons nationwide, and having countless women wearing her products across Ireland, Jolanta has quickly built a beauty empire. growth over the last 4 years.

“I wanted the name of our brand to be distinctive. The word ‘Egoist’ does exactly that. It’s luxurious, with a sharp character. Customers know that with us, they’ll get high-end products at affordable prices.”

Egoist Beauty Academy

The Egoist Beauty Training Academy prides itself on its keen eye for talent and an exceptional team of accredited and award-winning educators. The Egoist Beauty Academy has now educated many of Ireland’s leading talents in nationally acclaimed salons. We are always open to collaborating with talented educators and distributors, click here for more information.

Our training courses are the ideal fit for people with a passion for beauty and an appreciation for the importance of the eyes and nails. During our courses, students will learn the techniques, skills, and in-depth training required to earn recognized qualifications in eyelash extensions, volume lashing, manicures, and much more.

Whether you are a complete beginner, or an aspiring eyelash or nail technician, the Egoist Beauty Academy will have an accredited course for you.

Egoist Beauty Awards

Hi Style “The Best Educator” – Winner 2019

Artistic Fur Awards in Glasgow – Lash Brand of the Year 2019

TOP 10 – The best Educator Artistic Fur Award / Glasgow 2019

Network Cork and Enterprise Cork “Business Woman 2018” – finalist

Hi Style “The Best Lash Artist 2019” – finalist

Hi Style ‘Business Woman 2019″– finalist

Fur Artis / Glasgow – Lash Brand of the Year 2020 – finalist

Fur Artist / Glasgow – Lash Educator of the Year 2020

2020 The Irish NBL Awards – The Best Lash Educator- finalist

2020 Nominee by Hi Style:

  • Best Lash Artist
  • Best Lash Academy
  • Best Beauty Educator

2021 All-Stars Ireland Award

2022 Nominee by Hi Style:

  • Best Beauty Educator
  • Best Beauty Supplier
  • Best Lash Artist

2023 Nominee by Hi Style Tia Maria 2023:

  • Best Salon Supplies
  • Best Beauty Salon
  • Best Eyelash Artist
  • Best Beauty Educator
  • Best Beauty Academy

The judge:

  • First Irish online Competition 2020
  • Lash competition Championnat de Paris – online 2022
  • New York – Beauty Championship Lash/Nails- online 2022
  • Italy Lash Championship – online 2022
  • Artistic Fur Glasgow lash competition November 2022
  • Japan Lash Championship – online 2022